SFECA is made up of entrepreneurial, innovative, and civic-minded contractors who rise to the challenge set before them, and dedicate themselves to improving the San Francisco and Bay Area communities.

our mission

The mission of SFECA is to meet the electrical needs of its clients and community, and to accomplish this goal by providing the professional expertise customers expect and deserve. Through the Association, member contractors are able to continually provide the very best electrical construction, telecommunications, and renewable energy services and installations to the growing city of San Francisco.

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From the rebuilding of the city following the earthquake, to high rise commercial projects, to the innovative implementation of photovoltaic electrical power systems, SFECA’s accomplishments throughout the 20th century and during the 21st century have helped turn San Franciscans’ dreams into realities.

For more than 100 years, the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. has played an integral role in the community, economy, and infrastructure of the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. As leaders in the electrical construction industry, SFECA contractors have provided quality service, partnering solutions, and innovative construction for San Francisco’s most cherished landmarks.

The professional contractors of SFECA value and invest in an ever-expanding training program designed to educate apprentices, journey-level electricians, system installers, and technicians to the highest industry standards. This ensures that SFECA contractors and their workforce will remain at the leading edge of all emerging technological advances, and will remain in position to energize San Francisco throughout the 21st century and beyond.